Temperatsure, Inc. is committed to providing quality, cost-effective solutions for your temperature controlled packaging needs. Temperatsure is the manufacturer of Nordic Ice, re-usable gel packs, and a variety of temperature control packaging products. We work to meet the specialized needs unique to shippers of temperature sensitive materials.

With over 10 years experience providing climate controlled packaging design and service solutions, Temperatsure is constantly developing innovative products for our customer’s temperature sensitive packaging needs..

Our customers ship products ranging from medications and vaccines….to exotic meats and chocolate….to fresh and frozen foods. Temperatsure products provide a precise climate insuring the delicate cargo is properly packaged to protect against the negative effects of temperature (heat and cold), moisture (too much or too little) and shipping variables during transit.

Temperatsure offers a complete line of expanded polystyrene, polyethylene and vacuum insulated containers. We provide tested solutions to meet ISTA, FDA, DOT and European Standards.

Temperatsure has value-added services, offering custom sizes and printing of Nordic Ice
gel packs, container refurbishment programs, environmentally friendly packaging alternatives,
just in time delivery and temperature testing.

Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, Temperatsure manufactures and distributes from its
facilities in Reno, Nevada; Omaha, Nebraska and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
All sites offer complete service coverage for the U.S.A. and Canada.

Call or email us today to get started on your packaging solutions. We provide excellent customer service and look forward to hearing from you today.

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