Created with the highest-quality materials for pharmaceutical shipping to facilities, clinics and customers, Nordic Ice meets and exceeds the demands of the industry.

About Pharma

Nordic Ice has a long history of delivering high-quality refrigerants and insulators for the pharmaceutical industry. With facilities around the country, Nordic Ice is the dependable choice for hospitals, doctors and individual patients. With rapid delivery, safe materials and long-lasting gel packs, Nordic Ice is uniquely positioned to serve the pharmaceutical industry.

While Nordic Ice has grown over the last decade to deliver hundreds of millions of products each year, it has also maintained the highest quality of materials and ingredients to meet the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry when shipping temperature-sensitive products across the country. When it comes to medicine and the safety of customers, Nordic Ice is the only choice.

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Nordic Ice has an incredibly fast-to-freeze time with its unique freezing process. Using high-quality materials, Nordic Ice gel packs last longer than the competition.


Nordic Ice has higher manufacturing capability than anyone else in the industry. What most companies can do in weeks, Nordic Ice can guarantee in days.


Nordic Ice has manufacturing and distribution centers across the United States so there is always a facility nearby to get product delivered quickly.

Our Services

Along with developing best-in-class products for pharmaceutical and meal kit clients, Nordic Ice also offers a variety of services to help our customers succeed. With Nordic Ice Labs, teams of engineers test and validate products that are guaranteed to maintain quality, consistency, and temperature for the strict demands of the cold chain industry. Nordic Ice also creates fully-custom solutions to modify and change individual products to meet customer specifications, like size, shape and time requirements that are unique to each company.

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“Nordic Ice also offers a variety of services to help its customers succeed.”


The highest quality materials ensure safe delivery of needed medicine and pharmaceuticals for doctors and patients.

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Meal Kit

Food safe and environmentally-responsible materials make meal kit delivery possible for customers around the country.

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With years of experience in the industry, leaders turn to Nordic Ice for insights and solutions that drive business goals.

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Our engineers at Nordic Ice Labs test and qualify products for companies across the entire cold chain industry.

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Conditioning Programs

We can deliver gel ice packs at ambient temperature or pre-frozen with our managed, conditioning programs nationwide.

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Through years of strong relationships with partner companies, Nordic Ice can handle logistics of a growing company.

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